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Speed Sensor Re-Locator

Finally, a solution to complications encountered when swapping the rear end in cars and trucks fit with the electronic speed sensor unit mounted in the third member. In many contemporary drivelines the ECM, electronic transmission, speedometer and in some cases the ABS and primary operations computer will not function when the rear end sensor is eliminated during a rear end change. That problem has been solved by the engineering team at Brea Auto Electric.

Easily installed and fully functional, BAE’s SPEED SENSOR RE-LOCATOR provides precise, OEM equivalent, speed sensor pick up and information transfer for flawless operation of all related electronic components. The conversion amounts to a precision machined reluctor which is permanently attached to the drive shaft yoke. The OEM magnetic speed sensor is utilized and attached off the transmission using owner supplied hardware or optional custom BAE bracket.

Once the reluctor disc has been properly installed on your vehicles yoke, installation is straight forward, typically taking less than an hour.The BAE SPEED SENSOR RE-LOCATOR disc can be ordered separately or you can send your yoke to BAE and they will install it for you. If you choose to take advantage of their installation service you will need to supply your vehicle’s yoke, differential gear ratio, tire size, vehicle specifications, use and relevant application information.

High Performance Front Clips

Coil Over Conversions

Brea Auto offers a wide selection of coil over suspensions systems to fit most makes and model vehicles for street or track application.

4-Bar Suspension conversions

4-Bar conversions for for most machines are offered in a variety of weld in, bolt on and custom fabricated to fit styles.

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